Thursday, September 1

'Kanaighat Association UK' set an example of humanity

Mohammad Makhlishur Rahman:

The memory of Hazrat Shah Jalal is enshrined in Sylhet, which is called the spiritual capital of Bangladesh. Kanighat Upazila is the spiritual life of Sylhet. Kanaighat is one of the upazilas of Sylhet, which is surrounded by the memories of many Pirs, Aolis and Awliyas and wise men. The contribution of the people of Kanighat in terms of social, economic, political especially religious education in British, Pakistan and present day Bangladesh is unparalleled.

Very few people came to England from Kanighat upazila in sixties or seventies. Of the handful who remained many wished not to settle permanently in England. After a few years, many left the country thinking about the socio-economic obstacles, especially the religion. The few who decided to stay permanently were, in time, one for the Canaighats in England He felt the need for organization. As a result, on 22nd September 1985, "Kanaighat Association UK" was established at the India Grill Restaurant, 106 Myland Road, East London, owned by the late Alhaj MA Raqib Sahib, one of the organizers of the Great Liberation War in Billet, the first chairman of Kanighat Upazila Parishad, which was later registered under the United Kingdom Charity Commission in 2002. is Charity Register Number- (1092797).

Kanighat Association UK is a non-political, public welfare oriented social organisation. Since its foundation on September 22, 1985, this organization has been working on socio-economic relations, educational culture, mutual relations development and other goals and objectives of Kanighat people living in UK for more than 3 decades. Besides, their roots in Kanighat upazila have been cooperating in natural disasters, socio-social and educational development at various times.

On 7th July 2019 the President, Secretary and Treasurer were elected for the 2019-2021 session at the Kanighat Association UK BGM. For the second term Nazirul Islam was elected as President, Makhlishur Rahman as Secretary and Ahmed Iqbal Chowdhury as Treasurer. On 8th September 2019, a 41-member full committee was constituted at the SGM. It should be noted that currently there is an advisory committee of the association with 8 members.

Due to the global pandemic corona virus, the term of the current committee was unanimously extended by 1 year. After assuming responsibility on 7th July 2019 till 2nd October 2022, the present committee has been conducting many revolutionary social, humanitarian, cultural and Islamic activities.

A total of 1 crore 15 lakh 50 thousand rupees assistance has been provided in various projects. 'Kanaighat Association UK' has set a unique example of humanity.

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