Tuesday, June 16

Kanaighat fines for non-compliance with hygiene rules

Own reporter: Mobile court raids have been stepped up in Kanaighat to make the public aware of the corona infection. Especially in the Kanaighat municipal area, there is a kind of concern and anxiety in the minds of the people as the number of victims of corona is increasing day by day.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer and 1st Class Magistrate Bariul Karim Khan has intensified the activities of the mobile court along with the campaign to ensure compliance of hygiene rules in vehicles and businesses. A number of Ima, Laguna and Autorickshaw CNG drivers were fined by an immediate mobile court for carrying more passengers without complying with health rules in a raid in the municipal area on Tuesday, executive officer Bariul Karim Khan said.

Besides, he filed a case against some motorcyclists for not wearing helmets and masks and fined them a total of Tk 12,500. Mentioning that such operations will continue every day, the executive officer said that if the passengers do not carry the hygiene business in accordance with the hygiene rules, the fines and punishments will be increased. Kanaighat News.com / 18 June 2020

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